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jaxharmon_wanderlustdefinitonAs an Army family we get to travel the world. This is one of our favorite parts about military life; we love discovering and exploring every location we go to, from plains to desert to tundra (and more). There is a sense of adventure with each move and capturing each venture out into the wilderness is my favorite part of photography.

The past few years have been full of pregnancies and breastfeeding babies and little kids. As I enter a new phase of life that doesn’t involve tiny bodies attached to me I’ve been able to reevaluate my passions and rediscover what I truly love. I’m focusing in on what brings me the most satisfaction (while also trying to simplify life as much as I can) and with some deep soul searching and (what I consider) some epiphanies I have a couple of big changes for this little business of mine. Our time spent outside in this beautiful world is what gets me excited , so today I am so excited to announced that I will now only be offering Wanderlust Shoots!


So what is a Wanderlust Shoot?

There’s no greater feeling than to discover a new corner of this planet, or to climb to the top of a mountain, or find an incredible view after miles of walking. With the ease of taking photos now we all try to capture that moment, but it usually falls flat. How often have you wished for a professional photographer in that moment? Unfortunately having one there is either unfeasible or cost prohibitive, but now I can be there to capture your joy in this feat!

To eliminate obstacles (like photographer travel fees) I will be in specific locations for an entire day (like the top of a mountain or at an incredible view after a few miles of walking) so all you will need to do (besides getting yourself there) is pay the session fee, same as a typical session locally. I’ll have several slots available at each location so everyone who has been dreaming of a session at the top of Angel Rocks or deep in Denali National Park will have the chance to have their dream come true. (My goal is to make it as easy as possible for your Alaskan dreams to become reality.) I will announce shoot locations at the beginning of each season, so keep an eye out!


And now, to kick off my Wanderlust Shoots, I am offering a little “taste” of what’s to come with Wickersham Dome mini shoots. They will be September 17th and are $175- which includes 30 minute shoot time and all the files. If you’d like to book send me an email at!


If you haven’t been to Wickersham Dome, the summit trail is a moderate level hike (there’s a steady elevation gain right off the bat, but it doesn’t get steep until you’re a few miles in) with amazing vistas. It’s about an hour north of Fairbanks and easy to find right off the Elliot Highway.


ALSO, to celebrate this exciting new venture I am giving away one Wickersham Dome slot; to enter visit my facebook page!



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